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mercoledì 5 dicembre 2012


Un elenco molto semplice e veloce per eseguire dei test sulla propria CPU e Memoria senza installare nulla. Compatibile con ogniu sistema operativo e browser.

  • PC Speed
    PC CPU speed monitor / benchmark. With logging facility.
  • Memory Load Test
    Test application/operating system behaviour under low memory conditions.
  • CPU Load Test
    Test application/operating system behaviour under high CPU load conditions.
  • System Information
    Information reported by the web browser, and the web server. Includes the Internet address of the web browser, or its proxy server.
  • Monitor calibration
    Test patterns for checking/adjusting monitor resolution, flatness, dead pixels, brightness and contrast.
  • Uptime Counter and Monitor
    Monitors PC uptime, how long since PC was rebooted.
  • Pixel Screen Ruler
    Ruler to measure screen object pixel dimensions (horizontal and vertical)
Fonte: http://www.fossiltoys.com/

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